The Friend Zone

Title: The Friend Zone Author: Abby Jimenez Rate: 5/5 Bookstore: Amazon Publisher: Forever Romance Date Published: June 11, 2019 Synopsis: Kristen Peterson doesn’t do drama, will fight to the death for her friends, and has no room in her life for guys who just don’t get her. She’s also keeping a big secret: facing a medically necessary procedure that will make it impossible for her to have … Continue reading The Friend Zone

Naturally Tan

Title: Naturally Tan Author: Tan France Rate: 4/5 Bookstore: Target Publisher: St. Martin’s Press Date Published: June 4, 2019 Synopsis: In this heartfelt, funny, touching memoir, Tan France, star of Netflix’s smash-hit QUEER EYE, tells his origin story for the first time. With his trademark wit, humor, and radical compassion, Tan reveals what it was like to grow up gay in a traditional Muslim family, as one … Continue reading Naturally Tan

The Education of Margot Sanchez

Title: The Education of Margot Sanchez Author: Lilliam Rivera Rate: 4.5/5 Bookstore: Book Culture LIC Publisher: Simon & Schuster Date Published: February 21, 2017 Synopsis: THINGS/PEOPLE MARGOT HATES: Mami, for destroying my social life Papi, for allowing Junior to become a Neanderthal Junior, for becoming a Neanderthal This supermarket Everyone else After “borrowing” her father’s credit card to finance a more stylish wardrobe, Margot  Sánchez suddenly finds … Continue reading The Education of Margot Sanchez

We Set the Dark on Fire

Title: We Set the Dark on Fire Author: Tehlor Kay Mejia Rate: 3.5/5 Bookstore: Barnes & Nobles Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books Date Published: February 26, 2019 Synopsis: At the Medio School for Girls, distinguished young women are trained for one of two roles in their polarized society. Depending on her specialization, a graduate will one day run her husband’s household or raise his children, but both wives … Continue reading We Set the Dark on Fire

The Things We Cannot Say

Title: The Things We Cannot Say Author: Kelly Rimmer Rate: 5/5 Bookstore: Netgalley Publisher: Graydon House Date Published: March 19, 2019 Synopsis: In 1942, Europe remains in the relentless grip of war. Just beyond the tents of the Russian refugee camp she calls home, a young woman speaks her wedding vows. It’s a decision that will alter her destiny…and it’s a lie that will remain buried until the … Continue reading The Things We Cannot Say


Title: Becoming Author: Michelle Obama Rate: 4.5/5 Bookstore: Given to me as a present Publisher: Crown Publishing Synopsis: In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Michelle Obama has emerged as one of the most iconic and compelling women of our era. As First Lady of the United States of America—the first African-American to serve in that role—she helped create the most welcoming and inclusive White House in … Continue reading Becoming

Queen Bey: A Celebration of the Power and Creativity of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

Title: Queen Bey: A Celebration of the Power and Creativity of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter Author: Veronica Chambers Rate: 4/5 Bookstore: Netgalley Publisher: St. Martin’s Press Publication Date: March 5, 2019 Synopsis: Beyoncé. Her name conjures more than music, it has come to be synonymous with beauty, glamour, power, creativity, love, and romance. Her performances are legendary, her album releases events. She is not even forty but she has already … Continue reading Queen Bey: A Celebration of the Power and Creativity of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

Barracoon: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo”

Title: Barracoon: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo” Author: Zora Neale Hurston Rate: 5/5 Bookstore: BookCon 2018 Publisher: Amistad Synopsis: In 1927, Zora Neale Hurston went to Plateau, Alabama, just outside Mobile, to interview eighty-six-year-old Cudjo Lewis. Of the millions of men, women, and children transported from Africa to America as slaves, Cudjo was then the only person alive to tell the story of this integral part … Continue reading Barracoon: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo”