El Gran Combo Virtual Book Event

Dear Seekabookers,

I hope everyone is doing well during this time! I have been spending my time working, reading and binge-watching too many movies and TV shows.

Last Thursday, I was able to join a virtual book event hosted by Word Up Community Bookshop, The Lit.Bar, and Mil Mundos which featured six amazing authors who took time to speak about their books and journey. The moderator was the great Lupita from @lupitareads, who did an amazing job in asking the authors questions and keeping us engaged. In the beginning of the event, they had DJ Set spinning some great music that we even asked for a playlist – check it out here – El Gran Combo Playlist.

Below were the featured authors:

Angie Cruz (@writercruz) author of Dominicana: She spoke about how @dominicanasnyc came about when she was doing her research for her book and there was not much about Dominicans during the 70’s in Washington Heights. One of the reasons that I love this book was because the setting takes place where I was born and raised. Reading the book, I was able to pinpoint where the author was talking about and the street. Apart from that, I loved the story that followed it which was inspired by her mother.

Lilliam River (@lilliamr) author of The Miseducation of Margot Sanchez, Dealing in Dreams and now her upcoming book of the retelling of the Greek myth Orpheus and Eurydice, Never Look Back, set in the Bronx during Hurricane Maria, which affected her and her family very much.

Melissa Rivero (@melissarivero) author of The Affairs of the Falcóns is a story about tan undocumented woman and her family. This story was inspired by something similar that happened to her mother. Two of the characters, Ana and Valeria, came together from this experience. I read this book last year and it really stood in my mind way after I had finished reading. This book is so important, especially now.

Natalia Sylvester (@nataliasylv) author of her upcoming YA book, Running. Which is about a young girl who father is running for president, but then they clash when is comes to his political views. This story was inspired when Sylvester was watching the 2016 presidential elections and a senator was giving his speech. In the background was his daughter who had an expression that she could not figure out – her book comes out July 14th.

Jaquira Diaz (@jaquiradiaz) author of Ordinary Girls is a memoir about Diaz’s coming of age and up-brining in Puerto Rico and in Florida. She writes about her family falling apart, finding support sexual identity and find herself in the Puerto Rican culture.

Carolina De Robertis (@carolina_derobertis) author of Cantoras is about the story of five women who found each other during the Uruguayan dictatorship. Cantoras is filled with queer love, community, history, and strength.

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