Well-Read Black Girl: Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves

Title: Well-Read Black Girl: Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves
Author: Glory Edim
Rate: 5/5
Bookstore: Kew & Willow Books
Publisher: Ballantine Books

Remember that moment when you first encountered a character who seemed to be written just for you? Unfortunately, not everyone regularly sees themselves in the pages of a book. In this timely anthology, Glory Edim beings together original essays by some of our best black women writers to shine a light on how important it is that we all — regardless of gender, race, religion, or ability — have the opportunity to find ourselves in literature.
As she gas done with her book club – turned – online community Well-Read Black Girl, in this anthology Glory Edim has created a space in which black women’s writing and knowledge and life experiences are lifted up, to be shared with all readers who value the power of a story to help us understand the world and ourselves.

To start off, this book was inspiring in every way! It was great to read from such amazing black writers and learn what shaped them to become writers themselves. There are essays from Jesmyn Ward, Gabourey Sidibe, Rebecca Walker, and much more powerful woman. Each essay in this book was eye-opening – every writer that contributed to his book shared their story on what drove them to become writers; a story, a life experience, a family member or a book/story. What I really enjoyed was how at the beginning of each chapter there is a list of books or stories that the author and contributors recommend. Now I have a list of books/essays I need to get to!

A couple of things that was on my mind as I was reading were: 
“What was the book that made me the book lover I am today?”
“When was it when I fell in love with reading?” 
“When was I introduced to books?”

Well, I know that my mom would always read to me children’s books until I learn how to read. As we got older, my father would take my sisters and me to Barnes & Nobles on 82nd Street in New York City almost every Saturday. We would spend time roaming through bookshelves and trying to choose a book or two to buy. This happened until I got to high school and then I was able to go by myself or friends. 

I am happy that this book was created, it shows the wonderful work and recognition that every writer in this book deserves. I couldn’t put this book down from the moment I picked it up. I believe every woman needs to read this, especially every woman of color. This is one of the best books I have read this year – it is inspiring, influential and powerful in the best way.  Also, can we talk about how beautiful the cover is?! So colorful and sleek. I simply love it. 


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